Thursday, January 01, 2009


  • Discussion leader, “Multi Channel Technologies”, Sapient MC2 Executive Summit, Miami, FL, September 2009.
    Ondrejka Sapient MC2 09.16.09
  • Panel speaker, “View from the C‐Suite,” Council on Competitiveness, State of Innovation Summit, June 2009.
  • Fireside chat, “Future of Virtual Worlds,” Metaplace, June 2009.
  • Public forum, “Cory Ondrejka and Jonathan Fanton,” MacArthur Foundation Island in Second Public forum, “Cory Ondrejka and Jonathan Fanton,” MacArtur Island, Second Life, May 2009.
  • Keynote, Canadian Music Week, Toronto, March 2009.
    Canadian Music Week 2009 – Cory Ondrejka Keynote Canadian Music Week 2009 – Cory Ondrejka Keynote cory.ondrejka
  • Panel speaker, “Arts and Culture”, US Islamic Forum, Doha, Qatar, February 2009.
  • Panel speaker, “Digital Music – Forging Ahead with New Business Models,” MusicEcon Conference, Los Angeles, CA, February 2009.

    * Panel speaker, “Listen up – Why knowing your fans matters,” MIDEM, Cannes, January 2009.
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