Tuesday, January 01, 2008

• Keynote speaker, “Recursive Innovation – Building Linden Lab and Second Life,” Computer Supported Cooperative Work, San Diego, CA, November 2008.
CSCW 08 Keynote Cory Ondrejka

• Keynote speaker, “Riding the Wave – Innovation and the Future of Music,” Digital Music Forum West, October 2008.

• Keynote speaker, “Virtual Worlds,” International Market Assessment India, July 2008.
• Panel speaker, “Collapsing Geography,” Games, Learning and Society Conference, Madison, WI, July 2008.
• Keynote speaker, “Future of Virtual Worlds,” Freescale Technology Conference, Orlando, FL, June 2008.
• Gerson Lehrman Group seminar, “Virtual Worlds – the Next 18 months”, Palo Alto, CA, May 2008.
• Panel speaker, “Collaboration Technology and Engaging the Campus,” Case Western Reserve University, May 2008.

Panelist on the future of virtual worlds, MetaverseU, February 2008.
• Faculty seminar on virtual worlds, Annenberg School for Communication, January – May 2008.
USC Faculty Lecture 1
USC Faculty Lecture 2
USC Faculty Lecture 3
USC Faculty Lecture 4
USC Faculty Lecture 5
USC Faculty Lecture 6
USC Faculty Lecture 7

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