Monday, January 01, 2007

• Keynote speaker to European Commission Publisher’s Forum, December 2007.
• Presenter to US-Arab Economic Summit, Bahrain, December 2007.
• Presenter to National Science Foundation Summit, Boulder, CO, October 2007.
• Presented Second Life and “Collapsing Geography” to House Commerce Committee chair, ranking member, and staffers, Washington, DC, October 2007.
• Panelist on “Get a (virtual) life” on NPR Talk of the Nation, Science Friday, August 2007.
• Culture and communication working group participant at the Aspen Institute FOCAS conference, August 2007.
• Participant in Rendon Group working session on “Discrediting Suicide Extremism,” August 2007.
• Keynote speaker on virtual worlds and user-generated content at the iMBx SEASIAN Ministerial Conference in Singapore, June 2007.

• Panel speaker on virtual worlds and education, iCommons Conference, June 2007.

• Participant and provocateur at the 2007 Rueschlikon Conference on “Information Governance” in Zurich, Switzerland, June 2007. This invitation-only forum is hosted by Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government
• Presented “Collapsing Geography” to UC Irvine MBA students, May 2007.
• Panelist on user-generated content, Media in Transition conference, April 2007.

• Keynote speaker at Cisco, ISBG offsite conference, March 2007.
• Presented “Future of Innovation” at Freedom to Connect conference, March 2007.
• Presented “Collapsing Geography” at Microsoft Academic Days conference, February 2007.

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