Sunday, March 29, 2009

took you long enough

Yes, it has taken forever, but I’m finally ready to move over to Jekyll full time. Will turn Feedburner on, move DNS over today, and put up a goodbye post on Blogger. I’ve pulled my talks and presentations into more web-friendly formats, found videos of talks where they exist, and had fun moving docs to Scribd.

really, why the delay?

I mucked around with Wordpress and other blogging options but didn’t find anything that really grabbed. Self-hosting seemed like too much work. Moreover, static sites + lots of javascript fits into my ideas of The Right Way™ to use the web, so being able to use Github, Disqus, Scribd, et al made sense to me.

Plus, it was a chance to learn more HTML and textile.

Overall, Jekyll seems to mostly work. The LSI approach to “similar posts” doesn’t seem to work at all. May try turning it back on once I have more stuff written. As a templating system, Liquid is quirky and makes we long for just using Ruby a la Rails, but it has been good enough so far, although I’m not happy with the options for categories and tags yet.

I may just be using it incorrectly.

is this blog going to stick?

I don’t know. There are small elements that are annoying, because I don’t have my work flow down. I think I want to write something akin to Cory’s Flashbake more targeted to blogging. Probably already written somewhere on Github, but small, fun side projects are one of lures of Ruby.

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